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Full Version: [VIDEO] Driving the Fast Five 1963 Corvette Grand Sport
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When Fast Five opens in theaters later this month, fans of the Fast & Furious franchise will be treated to another round of beautiful cars doing some of the most outrageous stunts conceived. One of the hero cars used in the opening sequence is a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport replica that we first caught a glimpse of in the trailer that aired during this yearís Super Bowl. Edmunds getís their hands on the very car driven by Vin Diesel and brings us a cool video showcasing the car and how it was used in the filming of Fast Five.

The Ď63 Grand Sport featured in Fast Five comes from Mongoose Motors of Ravenna, Ohio. Yes, the same Mongoose Motors that was sued for Copyright infringement by GM last year. Movie car builder Dennis McCarthy and his crew actually purchased enough components from Mongoose to build a total of 12 Grand Sport Replicas for various uses in the film.

McCarthy goes on to explain in the video that some were built on off-road VW chassis for jumping and stunt use, one for the green-screen and a couple of shells were built to be thrown off a cliff. Of the 12 that were constructed, nine were destroyed during filming.

Check out Edmundís Inside Line for a complete report of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport replicas and some other cars and trucks used in the movie.

But wait, there's more.........

There is the one-off, tube-frame monstrosity of an offroad car hauler lovingly dubbed "Mongo." Mongo was designed to assist Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in filching exotic cars from a moving train. To our eyes, Mongo looks ready to do just that, sporting a 600-plus-horsepower 502-cubic-inch Chevrolet V8, 7:10 gears and 18 inches of suspension travel. According to McCarthy, Mongo did his own stunts, completing a 75-foot jump and driving away unscathed. Wow.

The next sample on today's palette is possibly the most famous car to come out of the Fast and the Furious franchise, Dom Toretto's 1970 Dodge Charger. Though the car in the film sports a 900-horsepower supercharged Hemi, keeping costs low dictated a slightly tamer set up for the actual workhorses of the film. In stuntman-ready trim, the Charger sported a 400-hp Chevy small block (sorry, Mopar fans...) capped by a gutted BDS blower just for effect. According to IL, it's loud, scary to drive and uncomfortable, just the way any self-respecting mock up should be.

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