Someone over at DadDoes got their hands on the new Hot Wheels Video Racer toys. If you're not familiar with the latest from Mattel, allows us to explain. This newest Hot Wheels car is basically a rolling video camera. A lens sits up front, and it's covered up by a Hot Wheels body. Out back, a USB port allows you to download your, we mean your kids footage, of course.

The DadDoes reviewer tests out the camera by running the car down a few tracks. The resulting footage is both fast and furious. If you're prone to motion sickness, you may want to skip this one, but if not, then watch the Hot Wheels Video Racer in action. Also, be sure to head over to for the full write-up on the $59.99 toy-version of a GoPro camera.

Watch out if you buy one of these for your kids. If it is inadvertently left switched on and left in your bed room, well......... your kid could be in therapy for months. lol.gif