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The author, Josh Clason, writes....

Depth of Speed was born from a desire of story, travel, and a love of anything automotive related. Next year my wife and I will be taking to the streets to uncover and document the greatest stories from the automotive world. From coast-to-coast and from top to bottom, finding the best stories will take the highest priority. Every time I meet someone new or attend an event I amazed at the depth, passion, and love that the automotive world brings. Depth of Speed is just that, an in-depth look at these stories. There is something about motors and machines, that to an outsider looking in, would make us seem plain crazy.

We have begun the process of outfitting our trusty Scamp trailer to traverse the entire country. Known affectionately as a fiberglass egg, our Scamp will be our home for one year of our lives. At only 13 feet long it will make for a cozy year.

HBTV and director Josh Clason are happy to premiere our new series Depth of Speed, focusing on the independent automotive world. Our first episode takes us to Salt Lake City, Utah and the home of Pangea Speed. Founded by Andy Carter, the shop has embodied a true passion for building and customizing bikes. We take a close journey through the thoughts of Carter as well as some great footage of him and crew of friends.

Episode #1. A special thanks to Andy Carter of Pangea Speed and his crew. It was an awesome time to go out and ride motorcycles for a few hours.
June 23rd, 2011

I had been following Andy for a while through his blog for a while before I approached him to do a Depth of Speed episode. Pinstriping in a sense isn't all about cars but in a way it is something that is so intrinsically linked to cars that I knew I needed to capture his story. Pinstriping has been around for so long but has suffered mightily when vinyl came around that it is hard to realize the impact its former self had on the automotive world and culture. I am an avid fan of collecting vinyl records and it is hard for me to realize how big they were before cd's gained popularity. It is a foreign concept that music stores existed and carried vast amounts of vinyl as today it is rare to find a shop that sells a large selection. As with pinstriping it is almost like it has been wiped off the map and only exists in select underground circles. It is a hard task to find a good pinstriper.

It isn't all death and gloom and the end of an era. While it certainly isn't as prevalent as it used to be the art and tradition is still being carried on and passed down through the hands of these artists. Their commitment and passion to their craft is something I admire greatly. The approachability and friendliness is something that I respect deeply and am grateful for the chance to capture this small slice of car culture. A big thanks to Andy and also Lindon Collision Center for letting us shoot at their location.

Check out the Hypebeast article.

Episode 3 Depth of Speed - Salt Flats Speed Shop

In this week's episode of Depth of Speed, Josh Clason visits the garage of Salt Flats Speed Shop. The operation founded by Chris Davenport has developed a following based on his high-quality customization and restorations of vintage cars dating back to the 20s and 30s. Despite an increasingly automated world, Davenport's penchant for handcrafting makes him one of the greatest advocates for utilizing ways of the past.
Episode 4 Depth of Speed - JDM Legends Restored

Josh Clason writes.........

July 7th, 2011. After the huge success with the first JDM Legends video, I was itching to get back to Eric’s shop and further tell his story. While the first video shared these beautiful cars with the world, I felt that I needed to do another video and highlight the passion and dedication that Eric displays with his work. Every time I set foot into his shop I see the results of all the effort he devotes to these JDM beauties. This dedication encompasses all things from fabrication, to wiring, and to sourcing new parts. There are some people that you know when you present a problem to that it will be fixed absolutely correctly and Eric is one of those people.

Eric allowed me to come into his shop in the midst of his tear down of his two newest projects. The Skyline is getting a bit of an overhaul and the Celica is getting a complete restoration. We were able to take them out for a night and capture parts of the video before he had to disassemble them for his restoration work. Be sure to check out his shop and blog over at

In a day and age where so many divisions exist in the automotive world it is refreshing to see a group of cars cross these lines. In my last video it was watched twice as much internationally as it was in the US. I often wonder why these cars bridge that divide? Is it because they are vintage? Is it due to their racing heritage? As much as I would like to divide down the answer to a single answer I realize that it is much more complicated than that and can only answer for myself. For me, it is a car that truly inspires emotion when I view it. It is a car that when I see it in person or on the internet I study its lines and contours. I love looking at its grill and badges. The rear pillar is inspiring and I can sit and look at the back of one for ages. I see many cars perusing the internet and although most cars I can appreciate, there are quite a few that I glance at and move onto the next picture. With vintage J-Tin I stop and I stare. Enjoy.
Episode 5 The Bond

The 2002 model was effectively the sports sedan that put BMW on the map amongst a global automotive audience. For many of the older generation, there lies an intimate relationship together with their first car, especially so with the 2002. Sky Lund recounts his bond with the car and the history behind a car he'll hopefully drive for the rest of his life.
Episode 6 Simple Soul

The relationship of car and owner once again comes to the forefront of this episode of Depth of Speed with Josh Clason. Craig Johnson represents a long list of devout Volkswagen fanatics who have carried on the legacy of several iconic products from the German carmaker. Known as "the people's car," Johnson's relationship with the VW T1 is highlighted as we're treated to another cinematic gem.

Episode 7 Tale of Three Cars

Throughout the majority of Josh Clason's Depth of Speed series, he's had the opportunity to feature and interview an eclectic mix of personalities largely unknown outside our circles. However, this week, a trip to California speaks with a familiar name in Fatlace's Mark Arcenal. Founder of brand and retailer Fatlace, Mark Arcenal's experience outside of the automotive world has extended to the likes of Nike. We speak with Arcenal about his love of vintage cars as well as his automotive history.

Episode 8 A car Shopw Born

The efforts required to organize and host a car show is probably beyond what most people imagine. Josh Clason visits with Jordan Melville to see the process behind putting on a car show as Euro Sl,ut Fest recently welcomed over 400 plus custom European cars which was accompanied by T-shirts, awards and a free BBQ.

Episode 9 British Mania

When it comes to the world of British automotive prowess, the earlier examples from MG and Austin Healey have arguably fallen to the wayside amongst Britain’s current crop of luxury vehicle makers. But for Roger Gisseman, his love of British cars dates back to the days of his youth. He likens British cars of the mid-century as symbols of youth similar to the Hondas and Subarus of current. Despite this, Bob’s love for British classics is unwavering. Bob’s torch has been further passed onto his son Rob, who carries on the passion. Turn up your speakers, sit back and enjoy “British Mania.”

Episode 10 A Pinch Of Salt

As we enter the concluding episode to season one of Depth of Speed, Josh Clason takes us to an American automotive mecca and the Bonneville Salt Flats. Land speed racing has gone hand in hand with Bonneville as many travel to Utah in hopes of setting the next great record. But beyond the competition has been a strong degree of camaraderie where the ultimate goal lies beyond the record books.
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